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Posted by on May 23, 2016 in Flipbook Maker | 0 comments

Publish Your Brand Magazine With a Flipbook Maker

Publish Your Brand Magazine With a Flipbook Maker

Using a flipbook maker to create an online brand magazine sets you apart from your rivals. And flipbook makers present an unrivalled opportunity to put you ahead of the competition.

Example of a flipbook maker

Publishing your own branded magazine is the next revolutionary step to engaging your audience and increasing sales. Flipbook makers produce the same quality of fabric as print magazines.

And they do even more.

Digital flipbook software provides marketers with a platform to diversify content and lead customers along the purchasing path to the buy button.

By utilising flipbook makers to their full potential, marketers can embed videos, audio, and image files to embellish articles and provide consumers with a rich user-experience.

By providing your audience with a unique, interactive experience and including call to actions buttons you can drive traffic to your product pages and increase sales.

Raise brand awareness

A flipbook maker provides you with powerful tools you can use to create professional looking magazines online. With eye-catching graphics and space to feature in-depth articles, you can raise brand awareness and position yourself as an authority in your industry.

Online businesses that distribute digital magazines across multi-channel platforms attract more readers. Providing the content you publish is convincing, you can expect a reasonable percentage of new traffic will convert into new customers.

Because flipbooks are naturally appealing, the stunning visuals do catch the eye of internet users. Furthermore, the interactive features that are unique to flipbook makers provide customers with a different user-experience they will want to enjoy more of.

Although flipbook makers are not a new concept, it is only in recent years that the technology has advanced sufficiently to deliver a publishing platform businesses can use as a powerful marketing tool.

flipbook maker

And because the quality is so engaging, a flipbook maker gives you the potential to underscore your company or professional status as a leading authority in your field.

A Flipbook maker can increase your profits

Flipbook magazines are not expensive to purchase or produce. Premium packages average around $40 a month and creating the actual publication costs no more than it takes to create the content.

Digital catalog software is so easy to use, all you have to do is create a pdf file and upload the document into your flipbook maker. You only have to do this once and you have an unlimited lifetime’s supply of online magazines.

The cost you save on offline printing are immense, and you can use the savings to create a wider diversity of rich media content that increases the impact of your content marketing strategy and raises the online profile of your business across multiple channels.

Flipbook magazines also enable you to reserve ad space for third party advertisers. If you have a strong following, businesses will pay substantial fees to advertise in your publication.

The opportunities for firms to make money from flipbooks are there to cease. By adopting flipbook technology before your rivals do, you increase your chances of attracting and building a loyal audience. You therefore have a strong leverage to charge advertisers higher fees to buy ad space.

Flipbook makers are the future of online content and branded magazines give you the potential to exponentially grow your business in the early stages of the evolution and continue to grow as the technology improves.

Together with other technologies, such as motion detectors, voice activated assistants and wearable technology such as Google Glass, a digital flipbook maker could revolutionise the way we engage and interact with content online.

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