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How Digital Catalog Makers Can Help You Sell Cars

High-quality images are vital for any online business and digital catalog makers certainly provide a solution for most – especially businesses that rely on images to promote their product in high-definition color.

One such industry that can take advantage of digital flipbooks to profit from the extraordinary benefits the new software offer is the automotive industries.  Showcasing cars in their full glory is a marketers dream and digital catalogs can bring that dream to life.

digital catalog makers produce high-res images

Example crdit: Flipbook HTML5

If you have not already heard of digital catalog makers, you should read this article. Once you understand how powerful flipbook technology is, I guarantee you will be inspired to at least give the software a trial.

The first thing you should know is that digital catalogs produce the same high-quality resolution images as laser printers and you can replicate your offline catalogs online.

However, digital catalogs offer a little bit extra than traditional print publications.

Digital catalog makers support multimedia files

Okay, flipbook magazines can actually offer you quite a lot more than traditional print magazines: how does the ability to embed video and audio files sound to you?

If there is one media that sells a car better than any other, it’s a video advert. You may also be interested to know that Google claims YouTube videos increase ROI by 50% more than traditional TV ads.

You should also take advantage of an audio file and put music to your magazine. At the very least you can show the sound quality of the car stereo. You can even make the feature interactive to give your content added appeal.

PDF to flipbook

Creating flipbooks is no more complicated than uploading a pdf file into the catalog software. Once you have planned the layout of your content, load the pdf file into your catalog maker and advanced flipbook technology will do the rest.

Well almost. You will probably want to choose custom settings to give your flipbook a unique look to reflect your brand image.

Customising your flipbook

Digital catalog software comes with a wide variety of built-in templates. By changing colours, fonts and interfaces to reflect your brand identity you can substantially reduce production costs for graphic designs. However, if you want a truly unique interface you still have the option to upload your own designs.

showcase your products in high-definition clolor flipbooks

Example credit:

Flipbook software is easy to use. It gives you the ability to design and code features you want to make the user-experience extra special. Because catalog software includes the jQuery library you automatically have form and functionality in multiple themes.

Digital catalog makers are also much more aesthetically appealing than simple pdf documents and are easier to use. PDF’s usually involve the user having to scroll to navigate the text so does not offer a user-friendly experience.

Digital catalogs on the other hand can be made to fit into the full screen and are easy to digest on desktop PC’s, laptops and tablets. The responsive designs also work on smartphones although the text can sometimes be difficult to read on the smaller screens.

Interactive flipbook features

Flipbooks are also interactive. The software creates pages that flip just like a traditional magazine or catalog – hence their name. Sound effects also evoke a realistic feel of actually turning the page of a catalog.

You can also take advantage of the rich media features to create other interactive functions in your flipbook too. Video and photo slideshows give you the opportunity to put together a range of images show different car angle, including the interior and even seeing the car in action. The advanced editing suite also allows you to adapt images to make it appear as though the car is moving.


Example credit:

Example credit:


Once you have imported the image files into the digital catalog maker, customise the settings to show your audience the high-powered dynamics your fleet of cars boast.

The slideshows compliment the text displayed alongside the images and bring to life what the writer is describing. There is no better way to create the bigger picture in the mind of consumers.

Marketing your flipbook

You can promote your flipbook through the usual marketing channels. Most flipbook software have social media networks integrated into them and all you have to do is click the share button and your flipbook will automatically be posted across whatever social media networks you have selected in the dashboard.

You can also download flipbooks to your own drive and distribute unlimited copies to your customers via email and load the file onto your website.  Most suites are also compatible with Google Analytics. Although you only have access to basic data, it is still a worthwhile taken note of the amount of engagement your digital catalog is receiving.

Flipbooks have the potential to revolutionise the way internet users interact with content online, and because they are an under-utilised resource at the moment, early adopters have the opportunity to capture the market. It may as well be you over your rivals. So why not invest in a digital catalog maker and create your own brand magazine.

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