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Flipbook Makers Can Make Your Online Business Profitable

Flipbook Makers Can Make Your Online Business Profitable

Online businesses looking to improve profits should take a look at free flipbook makers. The highly versatile and visually engaging software could just prove to be that catalyst you need to nail user-engagement and boost conversions.

flipbook makers drive traffic

Exampe credit:

Content needs to capture the eye of internet users and the best way to do that is by embedding an image into your content. But original images do not come cheap and stock images eventually become so overused readers are not drawn to them.

Images need to be unique. Content needs to be unique. Flipbook makers give you the platform to create visually stunning content that immediately catch the eye and readers have not seen before.

How flipbook makers can make you money

Flipbooks drive readers to your content, and providing your content is good enough, the next port of call for readers is your website. Then you have a chance to convert readers into customers.

Because flipbooks attract readers you increase you chances of turning browsers into buyers. But that’s not all. Flipbooks also enable you to develop your brand identity and build relationships with your customers.

One of the primary benefits of using flipbook software is the ability to embed multimedia files. You can add promotional videos, audio files such as podcasts, infographics, photo galleries and anything else you design.

The capacity to diversify your content increases the opportunities and the likelihood of more readers taking the next step and visiting your website. It also gives readers a variety of content to engage with from any device all in one convenient package.

If you are producing high-quality content deserving of a flipbook, you increase the trust and the bond between you and your audience. There is no better way of persuading customers to purchase from you than earning their trust.

How to save money by using flipbook makers

Flipbook makers not only serve to make you money, but you can save a significant amount of cash by investing a small amount each month to use the software. Premium packages are offered for around £25/$40 a month.

Digital catalog software significantly reduces the costs of printing and distributing your marketing materials. Once you have created a flipbook, you have an unlimited number of copies to distribute wherever and whenever you like.

You can distribute your flipbook through various online channels. A feature in the dashboard of flipbook software allows you to directly post your flipbook to your social media networks.

You can also download your flipbook files and save them on your hard drive or server. Flipbook files act like any other software files and can be sent to recipients by email, loaded on to your website or CMS system and shared with your client over Skype or other direct calling platform.

Sell advertising space

Well known brands have a third option to increase revenues by effectively utilising flipbook software. If you have a wide reach and are an influential brand in your region or indeed, anywhere in the world, why not sell advertising space to third party partners.

flipbooks sell ad space

Example image:

Flipbooks essentially reproduce traditional print publications online. Therefore consider creating a branded magazine. Just as you find in offline magazines, there is ample opportunity for third party advertisers to raise brand awareness within the pages of a magazine.

The same principles apply to digital magazines. You can even create extra pages to accommodate adverts at no extra cost for producing the pages or having them printed.

Third party advertising is not limited to magazines either. With a little creativity and flexibility you can place adverts in any type of marketing material.

Providing your flipbook content is not overly advertorial and contains high-quality content your customers can enjoy reading, you can always find ad space and earn from other marketers.

Opportunities for early adopters of flipbook software

Flipbooks have the potential to revolutionise the way internet users interact with content. And because the technology is fairly new, not many companies outside of the top brands have cottoned on to the idea of flipbooks yet.

The gap in the market therefore presents an opportunity for early adopters to capture a good percentage of their market audience and beat competitors to the punch.

To make money online, it sometimes requires a little bravery to take a gamble on emerging markets. And flipbook software is an emerging trend that has the potential to be a game changer.

Given the monthly subscription fees are so reasonable the gamble does not require high-stakes. And because flipbook service providers offer a free trial the risk of losing out on your investment is further reduced.

A Flipbook maker could be the solution for your online business. If you feel as though your current content marketing strategy is not performing well, what do you have to lose other than the time it takes to convert a pdf to flipbook.

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Bring Your Flipbooks to Life With Audio and Animations

Bring Your Flipbooks to Life With Audio and Animations

One of the key features in a flipbook maker is the ability to add animations to your content without touching any code. Better yet, you can enhance the flipbooks with audio to create a more immersive experience and these are the two concepts we want to cover today.


Flipbook software has made this process incredibly easy but it pays to know the different kinds of animations and audio effects on offer. This is preciely what we’ll be looking at in this article.


Use audio to create a more immersive experience

Before we look at how to add audio to your flipbooks let’s take a moment to look at the different kinds of audio you can use.


Page turns

The most basic audio for any flipbook is the sound of pages turning. Normally, this comes as standard with your software so you won’t need to add those sounds. However, you should be able to turn those sound effects off if you don’t want them or add a mute button so users can switch audio on/off. Keep an eye out for that feature because unwanted audio is always annoying.


Background music

You’ll also find most software platforms allow you to add background music to your flipbooks. Background music can be an effective way to add a certain atmosphere or feel to your flipbooks but use it with caution.

The first thing to consider is that background music that plays automatically is bad practice for user experience. Unless your software comes with a specific option to start/stop audio, then you need to be careful here. In our experience most don’t.

Also be aware that background music can conflict with other audio – especially if you’re flipbook contains video, but also other audio elements you decide to include.


Animation sounds

Some flipbook makers will also allow you to add sound effects to your animations. If you get this feature, it’s always best to keep things very subtle and use gentle sound effects for elements users interact with. This of these as audio confirmation that a user’s touch or mouse click has made something happen and keep it natural.


Embed audio players

One common feature you’ll find is you can add an audio player into your flipbooks. This might be useful if you want to include an audio interview or podcast in your flipbooks. It’s a niche feature you’ll only need to use in certain situations but it gives users full control over audio play.


Audio for specific pages

You’ll often be able to add audio for specific pages that automatically plays when users reach that part of your flipbook. It’s another feature you won’t want to go over the top with but it serves a function in certain settings.


How to add audio to your flipbooks

Adding audio will take a matter of clicks with whichever flipbook software you go for. You should find an audio tab in the main menu of your application but, if you have any problems, there are normally tutorial videos at hand. You can normally find these on your provider’s website or head over to YouTube for official and user videos. Here is the tutorial for FlipBuilder to give you an idea:



Bring page elements to life with animations

Most flipbook makers will also allow you to animate specific elements within your publication. These are taken right out of the jQuery API, including effects like fade in, fade out, a number of slide animations and various other interactions.

Basically, this means you can animate to two different ways: animations that take place automatically and animations that are triggered by a user action – normally a click of the mouse by touching the screen.

This opens a world of opportunity for you to create immersive experiences. Let’s say you’re publishing a product catalogue for the sake of example. Instead of simply listing your products with images, users could click to enlarge images, touch to read more information, click play to watch a video or tap a link to go straight to your online store.

Take a look at this example from FlipSnack:




The animations you have available available will depend on your software but these kind of interactions are commonplace. How you use them is up to you.

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Top 4 HTML5 Flipbook Making Software

Top 4 HTML5 Flipbook Making Software

HTML5 flipbook software

We talk a lot about HTML5 flipbook making software on this site but we haven’t yet looked at any of the options you have available. Today we want to fix that and run through our pick of the top five flipbook making platforms to get you started on the right track.

There are so many different software packages it can be difficult to make the right choice. Luckily you can find some quite good information on the web like this article about flipping book HTML5 . So let’s clear up any confusion you might have and get you set up with the right software for your needs.




  • Free version serves as a great trial option, although you’ll certainly want to pay up for the full version
  • Paid versions are still cheaper than most
  • Massive documentation of tutorials and video guides
  • Regularly updates with the latest industry standards



  • Not the prettiest UI you’ll come across
  • Customer support could be better


One of the first names you’ll come across in this field is FlipHTML5. There’s a pretty big clue in the name here in it says you can guarantee the latest HTML5 technology making your flipbooks viewable across multiple devices. Always remember to steer clear of Flash flipbook makers, as standard. Aside from support, you also get extensive features and a wealth of sharing options for social media.


iSpring Suite

html5 flipbook



  • Way more than a flipbook maker
  • Easy to use
  • Decent stock of visuals and other elements ready to use
  • Compression tool to make your flipbooks perform faster



  • You can’t upload PDF files
  • More expensive than FlipHTML5


iSpring Suite is a favourite for anyone who takes flipbook publishing seriously. It’s more expensive but it’s way more than a flipbook maker and you can use it to create a wider range of content types – specifically eLearning material. The biggest downside is the fact you can’t upload PDF files. That said, it’s a great option if you’re happy to build your flipbooks entirely within the application.



html5 flipbook



  • While the free version limits you to 15 pages, it gives you full access to features which makes it a great test to see how you like the platform
  • You can upload PDFs or create your flipbooks from scratch
  • The templates are way better than most flipbook makers
  • Both the UI and statistics counter are better than FlipHTML5



  • You need internet access to use the app


FlipSnack is another key player in the industry and this time we’re talking about a web-based application that works entirely in the browser. There’s a free version which serves as a good trial but you’ll want to pay up for the full version before you start publishing anything for real. On a brighter note, the templates on FlipSnack are much better than most of the options you’ll come across which really makes the production process easier.

Flipping Book

html5 flipbook



  • Incredibly smooth animations and all-round user experience
  • By far the most feature-rich platform on our list
  • Presets like magazine, book, catalog and other options give you a solid template to work with
  • You can compress your PDF files upon uploading them to improve performance
  • Great preview and edit options to help you improve your flipbooks before publishing



  • Our most expensive option
  • Not as many publishing options as some platform (only HTML, FTP and FlipBook Cloud)
  • Limited trial version


If Yumpu is our budget option, then Flipping Book is the premium package on our list – not only in terms of price but also features. If you’re serious about using flipbooks as a powerful marketing tool, then this is the place to start. Prices start at $399 per year ($33 er month) but you won’t find a more feature-rich platform out there.

The performance is every bit worth the price tag too. One of the question marks still hanging over flipbooks is they can be too slow. Poor performance normally comes down to design/publication errors but Flipping Book makes it difficult to get that process wrong. It’s also incredibly easy to use – so much so we used it in one article to show how simple making flipbooks can be.


So there you have our pick of the best five flipbook makers and there’s an option for just about every budget and needs you could think of. They all come with free trials of some sort, too, so get out there and have a play around with these flipbook makers to see which platform is the one for you.

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Businesses PDF Flipbook Makers Can Benefit?

Businesses PDF Flipbook Makers Can Benefit?

About PDF Flipbook

PDF flipbook makers are revolutionary content publishing platforms that can benefit all kinds of businesses.

With the capability to produce stunning visual graphics, embed multimedia files and distribute unlimited copies to a wider audience, digital catalogs have the potential to benefit your content marketing strategy and boost your sales.

And it requires very little effort outside of creating a document, converting into a pdf file and uploading it into digital flipbook software.

If you have not heard of flipbooks before, or seen them in action, check out this video from pubhtml5.


As a disclaimer, I have no associations with pubhtml5 or any other online pdf to flipbook maker. I just like them and want to inform people of their benefits. They have the potential to revolutionise content on the web and change the way internet users interact online. Maybe it’s my imagination running wild, but the potential opportunities are cool and pretty exciting.

PDF Flipbook software can be used by just about any company too, from freelance artists to multi-international corporations like Apple and Starbucks, and everything in between. Let’s take a look.

Freelance designers/artists

Designers and artists need a portfolio and the stunning visuals produced by pdf flipbook makers are a great way to showcase work and electronically distribute it to customers, magazines and galleries.

Online marketers

I must stress that not every business with an online marketing team will benefit form flipbooks. Perhaps the term online marketer’s is a bit generic, but then the list of potential online businesses to include in this section is exhausting.

So you will have to decide for yourself. If you produce a lot of offline print publications such as catalogs, brochures and leaflets, then digital pdf flipbook makers will significantly reduce printing and shipping costs.

Likewise, if you are publishing a lot of marketing content and need to make it more eye-catching to readers, flipbooks have a visual appeal that immediately commands attention.

Magazine editors

Flipbooks were originally created to enable magazine editors to make the switch from offline to online easier. This was about 10 years ago, but the technology at that time didn’t pan out as expected.

Advancements in recent years have seen major improvement added to the functionality of flipbooks which makes them more user-friendly for content creators and readers.

Making a pdf flipbook requires little more effort than converting documents into a pdf and uploading it into your flipbook maker. You still have to customise the appearance, but ready-made templates are a mere click away. You can upload your own background designs of course.

Travel agents

If you want to sell full-packaged holidays, then include full-packaged marketing in your travel brochure.

pdf flipbook for all kinds of businesses

Example flipbook credit:


The option to embed multimedia files into digital catalog software gives travel agents a great opportunity to provide holiday seekers with a fully rounded spyhole of a destination.

Flipbooks also gives you the option to make a full-fledged catalog showcasing your entire selection of holiday destinations, with additional brochures focusing on dedicated destinations complete with accommodation, things to do and travel arrangements.

Car dealers

I say car dealers because there are more of you, but flipbooks really encompass the entire automotive industry. Adding inspirational articles alongside high-resolution snapshots of the car’s exterior and interior does wonders for evoking emotion.

And you can go one better. Why not make a video into your flipbook that shows your audience the features and running power of your cars. You can make your own version of Top Gear and give your opinions on what’s hot and what’s not in the world of cars.

eCommerce companies

Companies that have a lot of products need a lot of space to showcase them all. Sure you can list every item of merchandise on your website, but will they all be found?

The limitations of a website are resolved by flipbooks as you can showcase all your items in a catalogue, just as you do offline. Digital catalog makers reproduce the same quality as a print magazine and with interactive flipping features even feel like traditional clothes catalogues.

Factory manager

Firms that produce merchandise that require user instructions and safety manuals can make these dry pieces of content more visually engaging with a digital flipbook maker.

How many queries does you company have to handle because customers have not consulted the user-manual. Make the documents appealing and interactive and more, although not all, customers will be inclined to search for answers rather than clogging up your phone lines.

If you are the owner of a company that has benefitted from a digital flipbook, or feel you could, leave a comment and tell me about. I am always interested to know how businesses are best utilising digital flipbook makers.

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How Digital Catalog Makers Can Help You Sell Cars

How Digital Catalog Makers Can Help You Sell Cars

High-quality images are vital for any online business and digital catalog makers certainly provide a solution for most – especially businesses that rely on images to promote their product in high-definition color.

One such industry that can take advantage of digital flipbooks to profit from the extraordinary benefits the new software offer is the automotive industries.  Showcasing cars in their full glory is a marketers dream and digital catalogs can bring that dream to life.

digital catalog makers produce high-res images

Example crdit: Flipbook HTML5

If you have not already heard of digital catalog makers, you should read this article. Once you understand how powerful flipbook technology is, I guarantee you will be inspired to at least give the software a trial.

The first thing you should know is that digital catalogs produce the same high-quality resolution images as laser printers and you can replicate your offline catalogs online.

However, digital catalogs offer a little bit extra than traditional print publications.

Digital catalog makers support multimedia files

Okay, flipbook magazines can actually offer you quite a lot more than traditional print magazines: how does the ability to embed video and audio files sound to you?

If there is one media that sells a car better than any other, it’s a video advert. You may also be interested to know that Google claims YouTube videos increase ROI by 50% more than traditional TV ads.

You should also take advantage of an audio file and put music to your magazine. At the very least you can show the sound quality of the car stereo. You can even make the feature interactive to give your content added appeal.

PDF to flipbook

Creating flipbooks is no more complicated than uploading a pdf file into the catalog software. Once you have planned the layout of your content, load the pdf file into your catalog maker and advanced flipbook technology will do the rest.

Well almost. You will probably want to choose custom settings to give your flipbook a unique look to reflect your brand image.

Customising your flipbook

Digital catalog software comes with a wide variety of built-in templates. By changing colours, fonts and interfaces to reflect your brand identity you can substantially reduce production costs for graphic designs. However, if you want a truly unique interface you still have the option to upload your own designs.

showcase your products in high-definition clolor flipbooks

Example credit:

Flipbook software is easy to use. It gives you the ability to design and code features you want to make the user-experience extra special. Because catalog software includes the jQuery library you automatically have form and functionality in multiple themes.

Digital catalog makers are also much more aesthetically appealing than simple pdf documents and are easier to use. PDF’s usually involve the user having to scroll to navigate the text so does not offer a user-friendly experience.

Digital catalogs on the other hand can be made to fit into the full screen and are easy to digest on desktop PC’s, laptops and tablets. The responsive designs also work on smartphones although the text can sometimes be difficult to read on the smaller screens.

Interactive flipbook features

Flipbooks are also interactive. The software creates pages that flip just like a traditional magazine or catalog – hence their name. Sound effects also evoke a realistic feel of actually turning the page of a catalog.

You can also take advantage of the rich media features to create other interactive functions in your flipbook too. Video and photo slideshows give you the opportunity to put together a range of images show different car angle, including the interior and even seeing the car in action. The advanced editing suite also allows you to adapt images to make it appear as though the car is moving.


Example credit:

Example credit:


Once you have imported the image files into the digital catalog maker, customise the settings to show your audience the high-powered dynamics your fleet of cars boast.

The slideshows compliment the text displayed alongside the images and bring to life what the writer is describing. There is no better way to create the bigger picture in the mind of consumers.

Marketing your flipbook

You can promote your flipbook through the usual marketing channels. Most flipbook software have social media networks integrated into them and all you have to do is click the share button and your flipbook will automatically be posted across whatever social media networks you have selected in the dashboard.

You can also download flipbooks to your own drive and distribute unlimited copies to your customers via email and load the file onto your website.  Most suites are also compatible with Google Analytics. Although you only have access to basic data, it is still a worthwhile taken note of the amount of engagement your digital catalog is receiving.

Flipbooks have the potential to revolutionise the way internet users interact with content online, and because they are an under-utilised resource at the moment, early adopters have the opportunity to capture the market. It may as well be you over your rivals. So why not invest in a digital catalog maker and create your own brand magazine.

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Designers: Create Your Portfolio Using a Digital Flipbook Maker

Designers: Create Your Portfolio Using a Digital Flipbook Maker

Digital flipbook maker

Designers surely cannot overlook the software that powers a digital flipbook maker. When it comes to getting new gigs as a designer much of it hangs on how you present your portfolio. As someone who works in a visual field, you can’t simply rely on your previous work to impress new clients – your portfolio itself has to be a work of art.

Presentation is everything but it’s also important you can update your portfolio quickly. This can make maintaining a portfolio website a chore when you constantly have to add new work to it. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. With nothing more than a PDF file and the necessary software, you can create and maintain a portfolio in moments using digital catalog maker technology.


Flipbooks, designed for visual content

Digital flipbooks have been around in one form or another for some time now, even if the technology has changed a lot over the years. One thing that’s been consistent throughout is flipbooks being designed to make visual content come alive.

They also come with the flexibility to create any layout and visual components you can think of without worrying about the capabilities and support of coding languages like HTML and CSS. As they’re essentially images converted into markup, you get full visual control and the flipbook software takes care of the rest.




The new age of digital flipbook maker

The points we mentioned above have been true since the first versions of flipbook technology. However, new strengths have been brought to the table as that technology has matured and digital flipbook makers are way more than static images put into motion.

You can embed links to create a clickable list of contents, link to live versions of your work and insert videos to showcase your skills. The modern flipbook is a moving interactive gallery of your best work prospective clients can all but touch and feel.



All anyone needs to view your flipbook is its URL or to visit a page with your flipbook embedded. You can place as many flipbooks as you want on any given page, allowing you to create separate portfolios for different services, industries or case studies – whatever you can dream up.


Moving beyond your portfolio

The whole purpose of your portfolio is to show what you have to offer potential clients and new employers. Flipbooks aren’t simply a place for you to show off your work, though. They’re an entirely new format of content you can show off to clients and add to your services list.

Big brands from every industry are turning to flipbooks as the next stage in their visual content strategy. From the likes of H&M to Mercedes and STA Travel, flipbooks are becoming the cost-effective way to give their content that premium feel.



A digital flipbook maker bring a new form of content to your portfolio options, which is a pretty good start. But they’re also another service you can add to your list and use to bag an entirely different kind of client. Whether it’s web design, apparel or print publications you specialise in there’s a place to promote your clients in a different way with flipbooks.

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