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Businesses PDF Flipbook Makers Can Benefit?

About PDF Flipbook

PDF flipbook makers are revolutionary content publishing platforms that can benefit all kinds of businesses.

With the capability to produce stunning visual graphics, embed multimedia files and distribute unlimited copies to a wider audience, digital catalogs have the potential to benefit your content marketing strategy and boost your sales.

And it requires very little effort outside of creating a document, converting into a pdf file and uploading it into digital flipbook software.

If you have not heard of flipbooks before, or seen them in action, check out this video from pubhtml5.


As a disclaimer, I have no associations with pubhtml5 or any other online pdf to flipbook maker. I just like them and want to inform people of their benefits. They have the potential to revolutionise content on the web and change the way internet users interact online. Maybe it’s my imagination running wild, but the potential opportunities are cool and pretty exciting.

PDF Flipbook software can be used by just about any company too, from freelance artists to multi-international corporations like Apple and Starbucks, and everything in between. Let’s take a look.

Freelance designers/artists

Designers and artists need a portfolio and the stunning visuals produced by pdf flipbook makers are a great way to showcase work and electronically distribute it to customers, magazines and galleries.

Online marketers

I must stress that not every business with an online marketing team will benefit form flipbooks. Perhaps the term online marketer’s is a bit generic, but then the list of potential online businesses to include in this section is exhausting.

So you will have to decide for yourself. If you produce a lot of offline print publications such as catalogs, brochures and leaflets, then digital pdf flipbook makers will significantly reduce printing and shipping costs.

Likewise, if you are publishing a lot of marketing content and need to make it more eye-catching to readers, flipbooks have a visual appeal that immediately commands attention.

Magazine editors

Flipbooks were originally created to enable magazine editors to make the switch from offline to online easier. This was about 10 years ago, but the technology at that time didn’t pan out as expected.

Advancements in recent years have seen major improvement added to the functionality of flipbooks which makes them more user-friendly for content creators and readers.

Making a pdf flipbook requires little more effort than converting documents into a pdf and uploading it into your flipbook maker. You still have to customise the appearance, but ready-made templates are a mere click away. You can upload your own background designs of course.

Travel agents

If you want to sell full-packaged holidays, then include full-packaged marketing in your travel brochure.

pdf flipbook for all kinds of businesses

Example flipbook credit:


The option to embed multimedia files into digital catalog software gives travel agents a great opportunity to provide holiday seekers with a fully rounded spyhole of a destination.

Flipbooks also gives you the option to make a full-fledged catalog showcasing your entire selection of holiday destinations, with additional brochures focusing on dedicated destinations complete with accommodation, things to do and travel arrangements.

Car dealers

I say car dealers because there are more of you, but flipbooks really encompass the entire automotive industry. Adding inspirational articles alongside high-resolution snapshots of the car’s exterior and interior does wonders for evoking emotion.

And you can go one better. Why not make a video into your flipbook that shows your audience the features and running power of your cars. You can make your own version of Top Gear and give your opinions on what’s hot and what’s not in the world of cars.

eCommerce companies

Companies that have a lot of products need a lot of space to showcase them all. Sure you can list every item of merchandise on your website, but will they all be found?

The limitations of a website are resolved by flipbooks as you can showcase all your items in a catalogue, just as you do offline. Digital catalog makers reproduce the same quality as a print magazine and with interactive flipping features even feel like traditional clothes catalogues.

Factory manager

Firms that produce merchandise that require user instructions and safety manuals can make these dry pieces of content more visually engaging with a digital flipbook maker.

How many queries does you company have to handle because customers have not consulted the user-manual. Make the documents appealing and interactive and more, although not all, customers will be inclined to search for answers rather than clogging up your phone lines.

If you are the owner of a company that has benefitted from a digital flipbook, or feel you could, leave a comment and tell me about. I am always interested to know how businesses are best utilising digital flipbook makers.

Joe Boyd

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