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How Converting A PDF To A WordPress Flipbook Converts Customers

Converting a pdf document into a WordPress flipbook increases the chances of online business to engage readers and improve conversion rates.

Flipbooks enable marketers to embed multimedia files and deliver content to audiences across multiple devices and post links to premium content directly on to social media platforms.

Having the ability to provide in-depth articles, engaging images and seductive promotional videos in a digital flipbook empowers marketers to captivate their audience. And you can do all this by simply loading up a pdf file into a flipbook maker.

Rich content earns businesses the trust of customers. When consumers trust a brand they are more inclined to buy from you.

And WordPress flipbooks are much more engaging than a pdf document.

Why PDF’s don’t work

PDF’s have usability problems and do not create a good user experience.  They can look unseemly on some devices and do not always fit the screen causing users to scroll – which is laboured.

The documents also have to be fully downloaded before they can be viewed and if the user does not have compatible software such as Adobe the document will not open.

PDF files are generally slow to use and do not have the same eye-catching appeal as a WordPress flipbook. They therefore do not engage readers or earn their trust.

The beauty of WordPress flipbook

Flipbooks or digital catalogs as they are known, render beautiful skins and immediately eye-catching to audiences.

Because the software is responsive and interactive, they can be used on any device and provide an immersive experience. And it does not require anything more than loading your pdf file into digital catalog software.

If your marketing strategy is not engaging readers in the way it should, consider upgrading the quality by converting your pdf files into eye-popping flipbooks. You may find you also increase your conversion rate.

Joe Boyd

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