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What You Can Expect From jQuery Flipbooks

HTML5 has been a revelation for web development and we are now beginning to see technology bear fruit with improved content publishing platforms like jQuery Flipbooks.

Digital flipbook technology has improved vastly over the last decade. Yes, that’s right flipbooks have been around for about 10 years already. So why are we only hearing about digital catalogs now?


jQuery flipbooks are using by the biggest brands

Example credit:

The reasons for that is because the earlier flipbook software packages had usability issues. They were awkward to navigate and the text was often so small viewers had to zoom in to read the content.

Although the zoom was a neat interactive feature – one the few original features jQuery flipbooks has retained – users had to scroll up and down, left and right to navigate around the page. Needless to say, flipbook did not receive much engagement and businesses were unsurprisingly reluctant to invest in flipbook software.

A new generation of jQuery flipbooks

Advancements is jQuery flipbooks and web technologies in general has resolved previous user problems and has also enabled flipbook service providers to add brilliant new features to the publishing platform.

The new generation of jQuery flipbooks promise to revolutionise the way internet users engage with content. Digital catalogs could just be a passing trend, but the technology has the potential for the platforms to evolve into something we can only imagine in sci-fi films like Minority Report and The Matrix.

Even in its current presentation, flipbooks offer marketers and magazine editors a powerful platform to engage readers and capture the eye of internet users. Whilst eReaders are becoming increasingly popular, they do not capture the real-world experience of flipping over the pages of a book or magazine. jQuery flipbooks do.

And it is jQuery that makes flipbook software easy to use. Because the software is pre-coded from the jQuery library, flipbooks function automatically without users needing any technical knowledge to make them work.

So shall we take a look at how jQuery flipbooks can revolutionise your content marketing strategy and benefit your business online? I think you are ready right!


The success of your online content marketing campaign depends heavily on user-engagement. If visitors do not read you content and explore your content, search engines deem your website is not worthy enough to be ranked in a high position.

jQuery flipbooks can help marketers to attract readers. The high-resolution images and eye-catching templates reproduce results you can expect from offline print publications.

Digital catalogues and magazines are therefore instantly appealing and draw the attention of internet users. The rest is up to you. If you are publishing engaging content that keeps readers on the page and wanting more, you will improve user-engagement and ultimately give your search rankings a lift.

jQuery flipbooks are easy to use

Perhaps one of the defining features of jQuery flipbooks is that they are remarkably easy to use. As mentioned above that is mostly thanks to the blocks of code ready-programmed in jQuery.

Marketers that are considering investing in flipbook software could be forgiven thinking that the technology looks complicated. The astonishing results the software produces makes it appear as though your need some form of graphic design and professional editing skills.

In reality, you need nothing of the sort. Okay, you will need to use your imagination and organisational skills to layout your flipbook in whatever document you use to create content – but you are probably doing pretty much the same thing for your current content marketing strategy anyway.

The only difference between standard web practices and designing a flipbook is that you are essentially collected several blog posts, and perhaps a video and podcast and putting all your content into one document.

jQuery flipbooks

Example credit:

Seriously, to make a flipbook all you have to do is convert your Word or Photoshop document into a pdf and load the pdf file into the catalog software. Then, customise your flipbook by selecting a template and adding links, tags, metadata and everything else you would ordinarily do in a content management system.

Reach a wider audience

Once your jQuery flipbook is prepared and ready to distribute, it only takes one click of the share button to post a link to your flipbook on your selected social media networks.

You can also download flipbooks to your hard drive and send it to customers via email. It is highly recommended that you embed it on the Homepage of your website to draw the attention of visitors.

Add multimedia files

One of the most awesome features cutting edge flipbook technology boasts is that it is compatible with other web file formats. Because of this, marketers can add a range of media files to flipbooks including video and audio.

This capability enables you to diversify your content within the flipbook and engage readers in various ways. Not only do this allow you to tell your brand story and promote a variety of products, but also makes your flipbooks appealing to users on different devices. So make sure to offer something for everyone.

The money factory

Flipbooks can save you money and earn you money. You only have to make one digital catalog or magazine and you have an unlimited number to distribute anywhere in the world. This significantly cuts the cost of printing and shipping your publication.

Once you attract a swathe of readers, you can also leverage your popularity and sell advertising space to other businesses. Flipbooks essentially mimic offline magazines, so when compiling your pdf think like a magazine editor and make best use of the space to increase revenue.

As you can see, jQuery flipbooks offer plenty of benefits, and as a parting gesture I would like to leave you with this thought: Hardly anybody is using flipbooks at the minute – except the largest brands. Adopt the technology early and you can get ahead of your rivals by capturing the giant share of the market.

Joe Boyd

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