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How To Make a Simple PDF To Flipbook

Flipbook makers are a revolutionary new publishing platform that has the potential to revitalise your content marketing campaign.

Furnished with high-resolution graphics, marketers can produce visually stunning results and create marketing materials, magazines and any other form of business content that you can offline.

Except flipbooks give you more opportunities! Now you can wrap your brand up in one seamless package and create an entire purchasing path, brand engagement and product placement strategy all in one place.

Flipbook are good for business

Flipbook example courtesy of flippingbook

Because digital catalog software is compatible with various types of multimedia files, marketers can embed images, video and audio content in a branded magazines, catalogs or brochures.

And all you have to do to publish a flipbook is convert a pdf file using digital catalog software.

Transform low-res pdf files into high-ref flipbooks

To create flippingbooks, create content in a Word document, Powerpoint or Photoshop file as usual and convert the file into a low res pdf. Then layout the flow of content in the order you want them to appear in your digital catalog and upload them into the flipbook maker.

If you want to trial flipbooks to test their capabilities, I recommend taking advantage of the free flipbook trials offered by almost every flipbook maker service provider.

It should be noted however, that limitations are imposed on the free trial software packages. However, they still give you a good idea of the capabilities flippingbook technology offers.

Should you decide to purchase a full package, you can expect to pay around $40 a month. If you publish a lot of printed content offline and intend to publish flipbook on a regular basis, the low-cost monthly fee still represents good value for money.

The advantage flipbooks have over traditional print methods of publishing marketing material is that you only have to create one flipbook and you have an unlimited supply you can re-edit and update at will to distribute anywhere in the world. The potential savings on cost are therefore substantial.

Upload pdf file into flipbook software

Once you have organised your content into a layout you are happy with, login into your flipbook maker account and upload the pdf document. Then add relevant media files including images, videos, audio content, branding, email address, meta tags and links.

The more digital files you add to diversify the content of your flipbook gives readers more opportunities to interact with your content and lean about your brand, products and services.

You can then customise your flipbook using one of the pre-set templates or add a unique design of your own. The pre-programmed templates have a wide range of colours and interfaces to choose from so you shouldn’t have any problems matching them with your brand image.


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Furthermore, you can embed flipbooks on your website, share it on social media networks in a matter of clicks or email to customers on your subscription list. All you have to do is download the file from the software into a file on your hard drive or main server.

Distribution opportunities are endless and a great way to expand your online profile and attract new customers. Because the digital sphere saves paper, flipbooks are also environmentally friendly.

Flipbooks are available for Windows and Mac operating systems so are compatible with the vast majority, if not all, types of businesses. If you need to improve your content and increase user-engagement, flipbook software may just provide the solution.

Joe Boyd

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