Which is better – new cell phone, used one or refurbished?

You shouldn’t be a great predictor to know that every second owner of a cell phone asks himself this question when he (or – even more – she) is going to change that hateful old model. Here we will speak of all the pros and cons concerning new, used or refurbished mobile phones.

First of all, people think of the cost savings. A used cellular phone will be cheaper than a new one for sure. If it is not so, just chide yourself silently and try to search in another place. Usually you get the device you pay for. If you are going to pay for the stuff someone has liked, used it for a short period of time and brought back, the price for such a phone should drop down far and away.

If you are an ardent supporter of the green movement, you must have a positive impact on our planet. If you believe in the might of insignificant – at first glance – decisions, you must buy a refurbished cell phone to protect the environment from it. If the cost savings is a strong incentive for you, and if you are an eco-devotee, the eco-friendly implication of such a decision would be an ideal way out of this situation. No kidding, the present situation with the deterrent nature of thousands of cell phones that damage our planet is beyond the control of many ecological agencies all over the world. The problem is to be solved through the process of recycling. Thus, buying a refurbished mobile phone means that you’ve defined your own desire to guarantee that one phone will not contaminate the soil of your local area through its decomposition products.

Sometimes people have a strange desire to buy a hopelessly out-of-date phone only because they just want to buy it. Say you have become intimate to your cellular device but finally it goes West. Say you want the same model again because you know all the nuances, feel it and think it feels you. These reasons are rather simple but at the same time they are valid.

On the other hand, if you are the person who buys a new cell phone every year or even every half-year, because you are the best friend of all these features and frills, the purchase of a refurbished cellular phone may cause your negative emotions and upset you. If you are constantly calculating the possible risks concerning the quality of a refurbished stuff, or if you are a type of the business person who always depends on the reliability of a cell phone and can’t afford even the slightest risk of malfunction that is possible in a refurbished or – we are more than confident – old cell phone, you would better give up such a dubious fancy.

In any case, only you – and nobody else – should decide on what type of cell phones is the best one personally for you.